About Us


XENIAtoBOOK is one of the expressions of Xenia’s history in the travel and hospitality industry.

We make available know-how, technology and personalised solutions. The foundation of our service is a combination of great people and great technology to more effectively manage connections to distribution channels, enhance your reputation and get the most out of economic and benchmark data. The technology services are combined with those related to the commercial and technical development, which are implemented according to the most innovative and effective international models.

A team of dynamic and operationally-savvy professionals

Maximum level of territorial coverage

Worldwide hotel scouting and recruitment

Capability to offer bespoke hotel programmes

Personalised rates and contract negotiations

Corporate & Leisure preferred negotiation

Guaranteed reservations

High technology

Innovation and flexibility

Huge connectivity

Support to offer models of pricing

Sales monitoring

Xenia S.p.A. began its activities in 1992 and has always operated in the business travel market. This stems from the desire of its founding members who, having gained significant marketing and sales experience in the hospitality sector oriented towards business travellers, wanted to structure a specialist company in this segment of the market.
Xenia is a global provider specialised in the sourcing and procurement process applied to hotel accommodation and hotel management. It is a multi-located company with a team of different expertises and nationalities you can rely on to meet any requirement. Xenia is acknowledged for its expertise, its flexible and creative approach, the continuous investments in research and innovation - all leading to the highest level quality standards and to the offer of integrated and cutting-edge solutions.